Toronto newspaper warns that “U.S. style misogyny” may creep into Canada

Just how much is Donald Trump harming the reputation of the United States around the world? It’s probably not a good sign when the ever-affable Canadians have taken the rise of sexual predator Trump as a sign that misogyny is simply how the U.S. rolls. In a devastating new op-ed, a major Canadian newspaper warns that every creepy thing Trump stands for could end up creeping across the border into Canada, and points to evidence that it may already be happening.

“Be prepared for U.S.-style misogyny to creep into Canada,” warns Toronto Star columnist Heather Mallick in the subtitle of a new article, while pointing that some leader of Canada’s conservative political party have been praising Donald Trump’s antics. She goes on to point to the sudden death of ObamaCare as evidence that the United States simply no longer cares about women or their rights:

“The 51-48 Senate vote was like falling rubble. It approved a budget resolution putting House and Senate committees to work on a repeal of the Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare. The Democrats forced Republicans to declare that insurers should no longer have to cover contraception or pre-existing conditions. Like pregnancy.”


Mallick also expresses skepticism at the idea of people in the United States who say they might consider moving to Canada in order to escape Donald Trump and his upcoming misogynist era: “Maybe we’re not the nation we say we are, especially when it comes to women’s rights. Maybe we’re not the haven Americans need.” Read the entire column in the Toronto Star.

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