Three clear signs Robert Mueller is about to drop the Trump-Russia indictment hammer

For all the noise, the hoopla, and the sideshow distractions, the central question in Donald Trump’s Russia scandal continues to be a straightforward one: when will Special Counsel Robert Mueller break out the indictments that will change everything? In the past few days we’ve seen three very different signs that all suggest those indictments are coming a lot sooner than some might have been expecting.

The first sign was the announced resignation/retirement today of Dana Boente, the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia. There’s no controversy here. He’s not quitting in protest of anything. There are no signs that Trump is strategically trying to shove him out the door. He’s simply walking away, which is not surprising, considering he’s an Obama appointee who appears to have no love for Trump. This is key, because Mueller has been running Trump-Russia grand juries in Boente’s district. Boente’s decision to retire suggests that Mueller has now gotten everything he needed from those grand juries – including sealed indictments.

The second sign came when respected national security expert and CNN analyst Juliette Kayyem stated her view that Mueller is likely to drop the hammer on Trump within a few weeks (link). She has a history of correctly reading the Trump-Russia probe landscape, and she knows how to interpret the signs that we’re now seeing out of Mueller’s corner. But the clearest sign is coming from within Trump’s own inner circle.

This week Donald Trump and his remaining Republican allies have begun frantically pushing one bizarre phony scandal after another involving Hillary Clinton and Russia. The garbage they’re pushing reads like a cross between science fiction and the comment section from Breitbart. Trump and his folks are desperate, and they’re now throwing everything at the wall, because they think Robert Mueller is about to drop the indictment hammer. Contribute to Palmer Report

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