These people are disgusting

If you don’t pay close attention to politics, and you’re wondering why nearly everyone hired by Donald Trump ends up being a buffoon or a criminal or a traitor or a disgusting person or all of the above, it’s simple: Trump himself is all of the above. Because he’s garbage, he thinks it’s okay – perhaps even preferable – to hire people who are also garbage. In fact, someone as hideous and corrupt as Trump could never have honest and competent people working for him, because it just wouldn’t mesh. These past few days have been a veritable parade of disgustingness from Trump’s own top people.

This week we learned that Trump and his goons had Rob Porter working in the White House, even though they knew that two of his ex-wives have accused him of physical abuse, and one of them had enough evidence to convince a judge to grant a restraining order. Even when they learned that the story was about to become public, instead of cutting their losses by firing the guy, they launched a demented plan to defend him.

This plan involved tricking everyone from Republican Senator Orrin Hatch to Porter’s girlfriend Hope Hicks into issuing statements in his defense, by misleading them to believe that Hicks’ ex-boyfriend Corey Lewandowski had made up the accusations. Lewandowski is a violent piece of crap who once physically assaulted a female reporter, but in this instance he appears to be the victim. These people are so fundamentally disgusting, they’re making up fake disgusting stories about each other in the hope of covering up the true disgusting stories about themselves.

Donald Trump has spent his entire lifetime surrounding himself with underlings and sycophants who are pure garbage. Not shockingly, he staffed his treasonous campaign and his illegitimate White House in the same manner. These people are disgusting beyond words. And it all starts at the top, with Trump himself.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report