Thanksgiving checks and balances

America has many things to be thankful for and we as a country are truly blessed. We are the land of the free and the home of the brave. Ideals they may be, but they are very good ones. All we can do is try to be the best we can be, in a democratic environment that should encourage us to learn and spread our wings. This is the very essence of freedom, to be allowed to mess up and learn in our own unique ways.

Life is messy and sometimes we need laws to help regulate civility, as well as protect the community from criminals. So, at times our freedom may feel compromised, but we know, as Americans, we are protected by built in checks and balances that should prevent abuse of power. Our founding fathers knew that at the worst end of mankind, if unchecked, lies a tyrant. And that tyrant must be overcome by consistently elevating ourselves to higher standards.

As time progresses, hopefully society progresses as it learns from its mistakes. This is the reason we study history and government systems. Nazi Germany is a good example of this, and I don’t bring it up lightly. Holocaust remembrance is vital to our human history, so that we learn from our mistakes and are not doomed to repeat them. However, listening to Donald Trump is like taking a step back in human consciousness, and one has a sudden urge to eat a banana and scratch one’s armpits. History buffs recognize Trump from various lessons of the past, because there is always a Trump, just like there is always a cheesy bad guy in James Bond movies.

Of course, this being November, we Americans try to be a little more present with our gratitude. And while I am very thankful to be an American, and free to pursue my dreams, I recognize there is a deep disease in our government that is threatening the foundation of our society. Thomas Jefferson said that a healthy society should re-examine itself every few years, and even revolt if need be. I don’t think we need a revolution, but a new president would be the first step to restoring a healthy democracy. The bottom line is, we need someone who actually understands democracy and how it works, to represent our country and its people. Happy Thanksgiving.