Donald Trump tries to distract from his Russian treason scandal by taking U.S. to war in Syria

Just two days after Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor Michael Flynn was forced to resign over the Russia scandal, and just one day after four Trump campaign advisors were identified as having colluded with Russian intel officers during the election, the Trump administration is suddenly advocating that U.S. ground troops go to war in Syria – in what seems a rather transparent attempt at distracting the nation’s attention from his exploding Russian treason scandal.

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Donald Trump’s position on Syria throughout the campaign, which changed depending on the day, largely centered on the notion that the United States should simply allow Russia to control Syria rather than getting involved in the civil war-torn nation. But now Trump’s Department of Defense is suddenly calling for U.S. ground troops to wage war in Syria against ISIS. This is the kind of military action which President Obama had long avoided, due to the sheer mess that is Syria, and the remote odds of success of such a mission. And yet now Trump is suddenly and conveniently dusting it off.

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The timing here cannot be ignored: the Trump administration is now calling (source: CNN) for what would amount to the U.S. entering full fledged war in Syria in the immediate aftermath of the explosion of Trump’s Russian treason scandal. If Trump thought putting U.S. ground troops in Syria were a good idea, his administration would have been calling for it from day one, not suddenly on day twenty-five amid an exploding impeachable scandal.

Meanwhile, Michael Flynn has faced insult to injury today. Two days after he resigned in disgrace, and one day after he was exposed (source: New York Times for having colluded with Russian intel officers during the election, his security clearance has now been suspended (source: Business Insider) by the Defense Intelligence Agency. That means he can’t take another sensitive job even anyone were still willing to hire him. And it raises the specter of Flynn opting to take Trump down over Russia.

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