Stunning new development in Donald Trump’s rapidly worsening senility

We all saw Donald Trump throwing rolls of paper towels into a church crowd in post-hurricane Puerto Rico this week, in what seemed at the time to be merely a profoundly tone-deaf moment. However, new details about the incident – particularly what he did next – reveal it to have been something else entirely. The incident has turned out to be yet another example of Trump’s rapidly worsening senility.

Here’s what happened after Trump finished throwing rolls of paper towels into the crowd, according to the Washington Post: “When he contemplated doing the same with the cans of chicken, the crowd gently told him no.” (link). Let’s walk this through. It’s one thing to throw rolls of paper towels into a crowd of people who just suffered severe flooding. That’s either painfully tone-deaf or intentionally cruel. But to throw sealed aluminum cans into a crowd of people? Someone would have ended up with a concussion or worse. It’s not something that a mentally competent person does, or even contemplates.

With each passing day, the evidence increasingly paints Donald Trump as an invalid. He repeatedly gets confused and wanders away in the middle of his own events. When he goes off teleprompter it becomes clear he has no idea what he’s saying, and no recollection of who his audience is. After his Puerto Rico trip, Trump told reporters that it was the first time any president had made a trip like that. Yet he just finished doing post-hurricane visits to Florida and Texas (twice). Forget about not knowing his history. Does he even know where he was two weeks ago?

There are plenty of additional mounting pieces of anecdotal evidence that, in addition to whatever longstanding psychological problems affecting him, Donald Trump is now also rapidly going senile. This is why the 25th Amendment was ratified. It’s past time for it to be invoked.

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