Stephen Miller even more of a jerk than we thought

If you’ve forgotten who Stephen Miller is within the never-ending parade of human garbage running Donald Trump’s White House, he’s the guy with the big forehead who periodically pops up to say arrogantly racist things about immigrants before slithering back into whichever sewer he came out of. As we wait to see whether he gets charged with felony obstruction of justice in the Trump-Russia scandal, it turns out he’s even more of a jerk than we thought.

Because Trump is now briefly pretending to care about the kids who are getting gunned down in school shootings, he’s been forcing his staffers to sit through meetings about the topic. Among those staffers is Stephen Miller, who pretty clearly didn’t want to be there, as he apparently decided to use one of those meetings as an opportunity to take a nap.

White House photographer Chip Somodevilla caught Miller in the act and took this photo:

Oh come on. White House staffers work long hours, and we understand that carrying out that much evil on Trump’s behalf can be exhausting. But Stephen Miller isn’t some fading eighty year old invalid like Wilbur Ross, who keeps dozing off in meetings because he was never fully present at those meetings to begin with. Miller has no excuse. And what’s he doing in that photo? Punching himself in the eye? This guy is such a jerk, he even sleeps like a jerk.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report