Smoking gun: four Donald Trump advisors colluded with Russian intel agents during campaign

And the smoking gun has finally arrived. Just five days after the United States intelligence community leaked to the media that Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor had been colluding with the Russian ambassador before and after the campaign, and just one day after Flynn resigned, the other shoe has officially dropped. Four of Trump’s top campaign advisors are now confirmed to have had repeated contact with Russian intelligence agents during the campaign.

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The names of the four Trump co-consirators in the Russian election rigging are not a surprise: Paul Manafort, who was Donald Trump’s campaign manager until he was forced out amid a scandal in which he allegedly took millions of dollars in payments from the Kremlin. Carter Page, a Trump campaign advisor who ultimately ran off to Russia. Roger Stone, a Trump campaign advisor who bragged that he had colluded with WikiLeaks. And Michael Flynn, the only one of the four who was given a job in the Trump administration. And now it’s been confirmed that all four were colluding with Russian intel agents during the campaign.

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The smoking gun in question has been leaked to the New York Times, which includes details of an ongoing investigation that’s still considered classified. The report reveals that the FBI is still actively working to get to the bottom of the Trump-Russia scandal. This comes just half a day after it was revealed that the FBI was questioning Flynn about his Russian contacts in late January, and that Flynn may have broken the law by lying to FBI agents. So what now?

This new report suggests that all four Trump advisors – Flynn, Manafort, Stone, and Page – all potentially facing criminal charges for conspiring with the Russian intel community to rig the election. If that happens, these advisors (with the possible exception of Page, who may still be in Moscow) could end up flipping on Trump to save themselves.

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