Small men throwing tantrums

The two-bit con artist who’s never been made to answer for it. The snot nosed frat boy who’s spent his life taking things without asking. The committee chairman who’s spent his career being a bully while hiding behind rules of order. The Senator who’s got something going wrong in his life and wants to take it out on the rest of us. The political party that isn’t accustomed to getting outmaneuvered. These types have always been in charge, and they’ve always more or less done what they wanted – until now.

Donald Trump and his Republican Party are being forced to have the FBI investigate their own Supreme Court nominee, because they were arrogant enough to think they could ram through a deeply scandalous candidate to begin with, and because the Democratic Party outflanked them at every step of the way, and because women in general have simply had enough of this patriarchy crap. So now these small men are screaming, yelling, crying, and making threats they can’t carry out, because they’ve finally been forced to take “no” for an answer, and it’s not a feeling they’ve ever felt before.

Brett Kavanaugh thought he could spend his life doing whatever he wanted to women, and it wouldn’t come back to bite him when he was on the verge of ascending to a position where he could take women’s legal rights away. When it did blow back on him, he responded by spending a nationally televised job interview screaming at his interviewers and accusing them of things. He’s probably stunned that his entitled tantrum helped indirectly set the stage for the FBI probe that’s now ripping through key portions of his life. But he’s far from the only small man demonstrating how small he is these days.

Chuck Grassley threw a tantrum when he realized that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford was about to get in his way. Lindsey Graham, John Cornyn, and Orrin Hatch did the same. Now Graham is trying to pick a fight with Dianne Feinstein, one he’ll lose, simply because he’s upset that she was able to punch holes in his party’s underhanded scheming. These men are pathetic, they’ve always been pathetic, they’ve only prospered because the deck was stacked in their favor, and they can’t handle the fact that they’re not entirely calling the shots anymore. It’s time for these small men to bow out. They never should have been on the stage to begin with. There are plenty of worthy women and worthy men who belong on the stage instead.