Senile Donald Trump comes out for and against the same piece of legislation in a ten minute span

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Just days ago, an impetuous Donald Trump unilaterally signed an executive order, the sole purpose of which was to sabotage the Affordable Care Act in a manner which would force millions of Americans to pay more for their health insurance or lose it altogether. The spiteful move was seen as so disastrous, even the Republicans in Congress are trying immediately to undo it legislatively. On Tuesday, an increasingly senile Trump strongly came out for โ€“ and against โ€“ the legislation in question within a span of about ten minutes.

Democratic Senator Patty Murray and Republican Senator Lamar Alexander unveiled bipartisan legislation today which would immediately undo the damage that Trump’s executive order did to ObamaCare. While Trump was speaking with reporters, he was asked for his response to the legislation. He came out strongly against it while defending his executive order. Then, around ten minutes later in the same press conference, Trump told a different reporter that he now supported the legislation that would undo his executive order.

This was no strategy on Trump’s part. He wasn’t giving two different answers to two groups of people, in the hopes of appeasing or manipulating things. He gave two opposite answers to same group of reporters during the same press conference. Not only did he have no idea what his own position was, he appeared to have had no recollection of his first response by the time he gave his second response.

This means Donald Trump is now so far gone mentally that he literally can’t remember what position he took on a major issue ten minutes ago. Does he even remember having signed the executive order? Did he even understand what he was signing? Now might be a good time to point out that Trump blankly wandered out of the signing ceremony without signing it, and had to be brought back into the room.

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