Secret Service disputes Donald Trump’s claims about Omarosa’s firing and removal

The Donald Trump administration parted ways with White House senior adviser Omarosa on Wednesday, officially characterizing it as a resignation, but admitting to various news outlets that it was a calamitous firing. One White House source told the Wall Street Journal that she was physically “dragged” out of the building, while other sources told other news outlets that she was “escorted” out of the building. This removal was attributed to the Secret Service. Now the Secret Service is disputing that version of events.

The Secret Service used its official Twitter account to assert that “Reporting regarding Secret Service personnel physically removing Omarosa Manigault Newman from the White House complex is incorrect.” It went on to add “The Secret Service was not involved in the termination process of Ms Manigault Newman or the escort off of the complex. Our only involvement in this matter was to deactivate the individual’s pass which grants access to the complex.”

However, CBS News is now reporting that the White House is claiming Omarosa was dragged out after she tried to “tried to get into the White House residence after she was fired, tripping security alarms.” In such case the Secret Service would absolutely have responded. Let’s assume that the Secret Service is telling the truth here, and that not even a con artist like Donald Trump can get the revered agency to lie on his behalf. That would mean that none of this actually happened, and it was all some kind of mutually coordinated stunt.

Omarosa recently got married. Let’s say that she was planning to resign anyway, as the hours involved in White House jobs do not leave time for personal lives in general. Donald Trump desperately needed a distraction today, after his humiliating loss in Alabama last night. Omarosa has spent her entire reality television career carefully staging meltdowns for publicity, with each controversy leading to yet another TV gig for her. Did she go along with a phony controversial firing today, so she could use the resulting publicity to market herself for her next gig? Stay tuned. There’s much more to this story.