Jeff Sessions just became the saddest little elf

“Good morning. I am here today to announce that the program known as DACA that was effectuated under the Obama Administration is being rescinded.” Those are the words that Attorney General Jeff Sessions spoke before national television cameras just nine days ago. Sessions seemed to be thrilled that Donald Trump had sent him out there to go on such a racist and xenophobic bender. Yet now Sessions just became the saddest little elf of all, if elves were racist.

Last night Donald Trump had dinner with Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, and he agreed to turn DACA into law, permanently. He also agreed to ditch his whacked out idea for a pointless border wall. We know this because Schumer and Pelosi announced it afterward, and they have enough of a history of telling the truth that we know they’re doing so now. After immediate and fiery backlash from Trump’s own base, he had his Press Secretary tweet a denial about the wall – without bothering to deny the DACA part.

This means that Trump sent Sessions out there last week to play the fool before the cameras. Trump either had no intention of killing DACA to begin with, or he was so unmarried to the idea that he was willing to ditch it the minute he felt he needed a photo op with the Democrats. Either way, Trump screwed Sessions, as per usual. This time Sessions might even draw the line.

People keep asking why Jeff Sessions has been willing to take so much public and private abuse from Donald Trump. The answer is simple: Sessions is a huge racist, and now that he’s become Attorney General, he has the opportunity to carry out his racism on a massive level. He’s been willing to endure any humiliation necessary in order to remain on the job, so he can keep doing racist things. But now Trump isn’t even letting Sessions carry out his racism anymore.

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