Donald Trump’s bodyguard Keith Schiller abruptly resigns; major Trump-Russia bombshell forthcoming

In perhaps Donald Trump’s ultimate act of cronyism and paranoia, when he first got into the White House he hired his own longtime personal bodyguard Keith Schiller to help oversee White House security. In an even more surreal move, he sent Schiller to hand deliver a letter to FBI Director James Comey’s empty office to inform him of his firing. Now that word has leaked that there were two different versions of that letter and that Robert Mueller has both versions, Schiller has abruptly resigned.

Although the story has become complex, the upshot isn’t particularly difficult to parse. Either we’re looking at one of the most remarkable coincidences of the entire Trump era, or Keith Schiller has resigned in response to the news that Mueller has both letters. Trump sent Schiller to deliver what we now know to have been the second version of the letter, written by acting Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, which documented all of Comey’s supposedly fire-able offenses.

The first version of the letter, according to today’s New York Times report, was written by Donald Trump and his adviser Stephen Miller. It’s not known what the letter says, but it is now known that Mueller has possession of it (link). Whatever the letter said, it was such a liability that the White House counsel insisted Trump scuttle it. Just a few hours after this story broke, Keith Schiller, who delivered the second version of the letter, quickly resigned. There is clearly much more to this than what’s been published thus far.

The most logical interpretation is that Schiller knows there’s more to come. He took today’s NYT story as a sign that the real bombshell regarding the two letters is about to drop. He surely knows that resigning won’t get him off any legal hook as a potential suspect or witness. Seemingly, his only motive for resigning is to get away from Trump before the other shoe drops. Is Schiller the one who gave Trump’s first letter to Robert Mueller? Stay tuned.