Russia-gate: Donald Trump has banned Michael Flynn from the White House

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How can the White House have a National Security Advisor who’s been banned from the White House? That’s the current situation, in a sign of just how chaotically out of control Donald Trump and his administration are spiraling as the Russia scandal closes in on them. Although Trump has not yet fired Michael Flynn for getting caught illegally colluding with Russia, he has rather bizarrely banished Flynn from the White House going forward.

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That’s the inside word on Sunday night, even as Donald Trump and his loyalists try to decide what to do with Flynn. Trump has told his staff that Flynn is “no longer welcome in the White House” but hasn’t bothered to fire him, with some insiders now suggesting that he may not be fired for a few more weeks because there’s currently too much chaos going on in the Trump White House to replace him yet. But that sounds like a mere excuse. As we pointed out earlier this evening, if Trump doesn’t fire Flynn by end of business Monday, the only logical conclusion will be that Trump knows he can’t fire Flynn, because Trump was complicit in Flynn’s efforts to work with Russia to rig the election.

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The fact that Trump has banished Flynn from the White House, but not fired him – an absurdly untenable scenario for a National Security Advisor who is supposed to be crucial meetings in the White House – points to Trump wanting the dangerous Flynn as far away from him as possible, but knowing he’s not in a position to fire the guy. Making things worse for Trump, two things are known about Flynn: he’s willing to do whatever he personally thinks is right, without regard consequences to himself. And he’s erratic on an unhinged level.

After all, this is the guy who once leaked classified information to Pakistan against orders, knowing he’d be punished for it, simply because he was sure it would work out well – and his decision ended up being disastrous for the mission. So if Michael Flynn decides based on his own paranoid warped judgment that he needs to take down Donald Trump and the administration in order to right whatever perceived wrong, it may explain why Trump is left with no option but to ban the guy from the White House while not officially firing him from his White House job. Update: Flynn is inexplicably already back at the White House today.

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