Robert Harward turns down Donald Trump’s National Security Adviser job, calls it “shit sandwich”

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Here’s the funny thing about the Donald Trump White House at this point: smart people don’t get on a sinking ship. Trump’s National Security Adviser Michael T. Flynn has been forced to resign amid an exploding Russia scandal which has also seen three other top Trump campaign advisers caught having colluded with Russian intel officers during the election. Trump tried to replace Flynn today with Vice Admiral Robert Harward, who turned it down so emphatically, his quote is now going viral.

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Robert Harward was highly qualified for the job of National Security Adviser, having been a Navy SEAL and later the Deputy Commander of the United States Central Command. Donald Trump tried to move past the Michael Flynn scandal by offering Flynn’s old job to Harward today. But the Admiral turned him down, and privately elaborated to a friend about why he didn’t want to work in the Trump administration. National Security Adviser is a coveted title in general, but Harward viewed being Trump’s National Security Adviser as a “shit” job, in his own words.

According to CNN reporter Jake Tapper, who has been decisively helping to expose the collapsing Donald Trump White House over the past weeks, Harward told his friend he didn’t want the job because it all “seems so chaotic; says Harward called the offer a ‘shit sandwich.'” This underscores that no one competent or qualified wants to work for Trump at this point, as the Trump ship is sinking.

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