Donald Trump’s rebel yell

There have not been many noble public figures in history who have inspired serial killers, or in this case, a serial bomber. Most of the time, serial bombers are the type to be inspired by dark and twisted logic, not the President of the United States. However, we have a special case on our hands since Donald Trump was installed into the White House.

Donald Trump does not follow the traditional presidential pattern of inspiring leadership and altruism, but he does a great job at bringing forth people’s hate and anger. Yes, Trump wants you to know he is a rule breaker, a rebel, someone just like you – if you’re one of his bottom feeding supporters. So it doesn’t matter what he says or does, he’s just a “regular” guy who is supposedly getting you the best deal he can. But he’s secretly pilfering your back pocket. Hey man, he’s a rule breaker, just like you. It’s cool.

Another rule Trump likes to break is using his personal cell phone. Still. After everything we have gone through with Hilary Clinton’s emails and the entire “Lock her up” chant led by Michael Flynn – who was busy trying to establish an illegal backchannel with Russia mere days after Trump’s inauguration – Trump still cannot follow this simple rule. But who can blame him? He’s such a renegade. In fact, he’s such a wild thing that he even lets the Chinese and Russians spy on him without caring. That’s how cool he is.

Of course, the only reason he’d be speaking to outside counsel on a private cell phone is to establish an illegal backchannel so there is no record of his conversation. The question is, what does he not mind the Chinese and Russians hearing, as long as the U.S. does not hear it? I know, I know, with so many lies, it is hard to keep track of which criminals he’s working with this week. But please, you must understand… Donald Trump is a badass who makes up funny names for other people, so it’s cool.