The real reason the Donald Trump team leaked that National Guard immigrant memo today

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Today the Associated Press got its hands on a secret memo from the Donald Trump White House which proposed using a hundred thousand National Guard troops to round up suspected undocumented immigrants around the nation, and the news caused an uproar. Theories have abounded as to what was really behind it all. But the answer is right here in plain sight, based on the precise timing of the leak and what else Trump has going on this weekend.

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Some have theorized that the memo is a real proposal, and that the Trump administration truly is planning martial law behind the scenes. But the American people would actively revolt against this in even more ferocious fashion than the other protests against him up to this point, and Trump’s advisors know it. Others have theorized that the memo was leaked intentionally to distract from the Russia scandal. But to get to the real answer, one need look no further than Donald Trump’s weekend schedule.

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This weekend, for the first time since taking office, Donald Trump is holding campaign rallies. It’s the only part of the political process that he’s ever seemed to enjoy. And based on the deteriorating psychological state he displayed during his press conference yesterday, Trump appears to have lost all interest in the job and all touch with reality. In a word, he’s become depressed about being president, and we can all see it. His handlers have scheduled these weekend “campaign rallies” (which serve no political purpose and have nothing to do with 2020) in a last ditch attempt at cheering him up and getting his head back into the game. But that requires large audiences. And that’s where the memo comes in.

During his “victory tour” after the election but before taking office, Trump struggled with attendance at some of his stops. His approval rating suggests he’s even less popular now. The one surefire way to get his largely racist base fired up so they’ll show up at his rallies this weekend? Leak a memo hinting at his most aggressively and violently racist policy proposal yet, whether it’s truly being considered or not.

Some of the Trump administration’s schemes have been difficult to definitively decipher. But its strategy for leaking the National Guard memo today seems a rather transparent attempt at ensuring the increasingly listless Trump draws a crowd this weekend, as his staff tries to prevent him from falling apart entirely.

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