Get your popcorn: James Comey is insisting that his final Trump-Russia testimony be in public

Call it Comey’s revenge, or Comey’s coming for ya. But either way, make sure you Comey and get some popcorn, because the fun’s about to start. Earlier today James Comey rebuffed a Congressional request to testify in a closed hearing on Tuesday about the investigation Donald Trump just fired him from. And it’s partly because he wants his testimony to be in public hearings so everyone can watch live on television.

Palmer Report has already pointed out that Comey probably turned down the request to testify partly because he wants to be subpoena’d instead, which would legally compel him to testify, thus freeing him up legally to discuss more sensitive aspects of the Trump-Russia investigation (link). But it turns out there’s more to it. Buried all the way down in the twelfth paragraph of this New York Times article (link) you’ll find the inside information that Comey is holding for public hearings. Chew on that for a minute.

Why would James Comey be pushing for his testimony to be in public hearings? There’s really only one reason for it. He wants to be able to deliver his testimony, in what might be the final public statement he ever gets to make in this kind of capacity, before the largest audience possible. Whatever he’s planning to reveal about Donald Trump and/or the FBI’s Russia investigation, he wants to make sure the American people and the world get to hear it directly from him, with no opportunity for any Trump loyalists on the Congressional committee to twist his words.

That said, James Comey isn’t going to suddenly turn into a gossiper during his testimony, after a career of being a law-and-order type. But he wants his testimony to be public, big, shattering, and heard by everyone, so he can then drop the mic and leave Donald Trump to pick up the pieces. Get your popcorn ready indeed. Help fund Palmer Report

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