Donald Trump is now vengefully plotting to take down certain Senate Republicans in midterms

Now that Donald Trump has been in office for six months and hasn’t been able to accomplish anything despite having a majority in the House and Senate, he’s embarking on a new tack: destroying the Republicans in the Senate whom he blames for his own impotence. Trump is already coordinating with extremist conservative candidates to mount primary challenges against certain sitting Republicans he doesn’t like.

For instance Donald Trump is now confirmed to be targeting Republican Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona, according to CNN (link), in the 2018 midterms. Flake has been no fan of Trump or his agenda, and now Trump plans to try to make him pay for it. But Trump’s myopic plan for vengeance opens up major opportunities for the Democrats in the midterms.

Arizona is a somewhat red leaning state, but its demographics have been shifting blue in recent years. If Trump is successful in knocking a mainstream Republican like Jeff Flake off the ballot in 2018 and replacing him with a conservative extremist, that could give a solid Democratic candidate an opportunity to win the state – particularly amid the nationwide backlash against the Republican Party due to its association with Trump. And Jeff Flake won’t be the only Republican in Congress whom Trump targets.

Donald Trump seems to think he’s only unpopular due his lack of accomplishments, as a result of his Republican Party declining to work with him. But the reality is that because Trump is so toxically unpopular to begin with, much his own party is fearful of working with him. The Republicans with the best shot of reelection in 2018 will generally be the ones who stand against Trump. But if he starts bumping them off in the primaries, in favor of his own crazed cronies, the door will be wide open for the Democrats in even more races than originally believed. That’s if Trump hasn’t already been ousted by the midterms.

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