Plot twist: Donald Trump is going to prison because of Hillary’s emails

Donald Trump spent the entirety of the 2016 election publicly and falsely claiming that Hillary Clinton had done something illegal with her emails, and insisting that she should go to prison for it. Trump, and the mainstream media, pushed the false notion of a “Hillary Clinton email scandal” so thoroughly and shamelessly that it came to define the election. Now in a plot twist soaked with irony, Donald Trump is going to end up in prison because of Hillary’s emails.

Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos formally confessed this week to having conspired with the Russian government to try to procure emails that had supposedly been hacked and stolen from Hillary Clinton. There is still no evidence that Hillary’s emails ever were hacked. Nonetheless, Papadopoulos entered into a conspiracy with the Kremlin aimed at receiving stolen property. That’s a federal crime. It’s also a crime for a campaign to conspire to receive gifts of any value from a foreign government. Papadopoulos likely wasn’t charged with these crimes because he cut a deal – but he’s implicated several others in these crimes.

Papadopoulos claims that he ran his Russia meeting past several Trump officials including Paul Manafort, Sam Clovis, and Jeff Sessions before he went through with it. It’s nearly impossible to imagine that none of these officials ran the idea past Donald Trump himself. One or more of them will end up cutting a deal to avoid prison time – and that deal will involve confessing that Trump knew about the Papadopoulos meeting. This will demonstrate that Trump was part of his campaign’s conspiracy with Russia. It’ll also bolster the argument that Trump subsequently committed obstruction of justice because he knew he was guilty.

When this all comes crashing down on Donald Trump’s head, it’ll be largely because he and his campaign officials signed off on a campaign adviser’s plan to conspire with the Russian government to steal Hillary Clinton’s emails. In other words, Trump is going to prison because of his obsession with Hillary’s emails.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report