Donald Trump just can’t bother to pay his bills

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Hello! Many of us follow the amazing Bill Palmer (he paid me to say to learn the latest news about the current political nightmares. But I thought I’d occasionally take you on a different journey. How Trump became Trump. These are things he’s done that will help you understand his psyche and mentality, and understand this is deeply rooted in the Grifter Trump for decades. My first little gem is “The Painted Pony.”

Back in 2012, Donald Trump acquired the spectacular Doral Golf Course for $150 million. It had been neglected for some time and it was due for a badly needed facelift. Regardless of how evil he is, he does really love for his properties to look immaculate. The problem is he does it the Trump Way.
Trump contracted with a local paint company to supply $100k worth of paint. Of course, buying that much paint got him a great discount. When most of us hear the word “Contract” and the name “Trump” in the same sentence we already know where this is going, but there’s a twist!

The project was nearing completion and as much as it shocked me, he’d actually been paying the vendor! They got the last batch of paint, completed the project and everyone was thrilled how nice The Doral looked. “OK, Marty, there ain’t no story here!” Well, you’d be wrong, grasshopper.

The final bill was submitted and the $21,000 balance went unpaid from 30-60-90 days. Why do you pay $80k then not pay the balance when you paid $150 million for the property? Well, this is about Trump and it’s what he does.

Fed up, the paint company sued and it eventually ended up with Trump testifying. Basically, one sentence summed up the entire trial, not just in this case, but in his life. The entire courtroom groaned out loud, even the judge did a facepalm!

“Mr. Trump”, sald the prosecutor, “why didn’t you pay the paint company the small remaining balance?” Trump, in his own style, said “I felt I paid him enough.” He felt he nailed it. The Judge ordered the balance paid in full plus legal fees.

Of course he then defaulted on the judge’s order and they all ended up back in court. When asked by the judge why he defaulted, he repeated the same thing. He paid enough. So the really mad judge ordered the Doral sold at auction in 30 days! And with only a day or two remaining, Lawyer/defeated pitbull Mikey Cohen went back to court with a blank check to pony up so they didn’t lose the Doral.

The judge ordered the original amount be paid, interest, the legal fees, totaling OVER $700,000, punitive damages and some fines just because the judge was mad. In the end, Trump paid somewhere around $900,000 in total costs, all over a $21,000 invoice. In Trumplandia, he’d call that “winning.”

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