Republicans remind us yet again that nothing is sacred

What kind of grownups troll children who just survived one of the worst school massacres in history? Conservatives. Not just conspiracy whacko Alex Jones, who has been trolling and tormenting the Sandy Hook parents for the last five years. There’s the foul-mouthed NRA board member Ted Nugent, who eschews hunting laws, animal rights, and racial equality. These two men, who have their own bromance, claim the shooting and/or the student response are fake.
Then there is convicted felon Dinesh D’Souza who committed election fraud (ever wonder where Republicans get their paranoia?).

Ironically, he is ineligible to vote until his five year probation is complete, while the Parkland survivors will come of voting age before then. Hey judge, does trolling teenagers violate his probation? After a dubious apology claiming he was misunderstood, D’Souza has continued to retweet demeaning taunts against these child survivors.

The National Review risks its new “intellectual” branding if they keep a pedobully (an adult who bullies children) on their masthead. A Texas group just cancelled a scheduled talk of his, but undoubtedly reactionary groups who fawn over the rightwingers who peddle rage for a living will soon entertain him.

Professional troll Laura Ingraham, (isn’t that what a Fox News host really is?) who seems to know a lot about herpes, singled out another Parkland student survivor to shame her for supposedly being disrespectful to NRA employee, I mean supporter, Marco Rubio. Singling out a specific teen, after knowing some are getting death threats, Ingraham (despite children of her own) shamelessly puts a target on a child. Take your own advice, “Shut up, no drivel!”
What kind of grownup taunts traumatized teens reeling from a mass shooting? Conservative media charlatans who shamelessly hawk outrage and fake news for a living have become cowardly pedobullies.