Ivanka Trump’s nightmare trip from hell

Ivanka Trump’s life has gone to hell this week. Thanks to the arrests and dominoes that started to fall this week, her father Donald Trump is probably going to prison. Her husband Jared Kushner is also probably going to prison. Her father and her husband have now gone to war with each other, to see who can take the other down first. So Ivanka took a little trip halfway around the world to get away from it all. That trip also turned out to be straight from hell.

The media in Japan just loves saying nice things about Ivanka Trump, for reasons known only to them. Apparently the people have no idea what those reasons are either, as it turns out they have far less interest in her. Ivanka traveled to Tokyo to give a headlining speech this week at a conference on women’s empowerment – but the room was half empty, because no one cared to show up.

No really, the hall was half empty. The New York Times says so (link). Ivanka’s father’s White House is already doing spin, claiming that the hall was only so empty because security prevented most of the would-be attendees from getting through the door in time. But the Guardian was there (link), and it says there were no such waiting lines. People just didn’t show up for the speech to begin with.

And so even as Ivanka Trump sits back and waits to see whether her father or her husband is taken down first by the Trump-Russia scandal, and as she waits to see whether her own financial connections to convicted Russian mafia money launderer Felix Sater end up getting her arrested, even her overseas trip was crap. If Japan ever did like Ivanka, that’s clearly over – and America has never liked her to begin with.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report