Revealed: Robert Mueller’s probe into Trump and his cronies runs far deeper and wider than we ever imagined

For months, Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s work in the Trump-Russia investigation has played out largely in the background. When it comes to the true scope and breadth of his probe, we’ve all had to wait for occasional clues to fall to us like dogs awaiting scraps from the table. However, every once in awhile a detail surfaces which helps fill in the gaps. This time around, that detail is so strikingly out of context that it shows this investigation to be vastly more sophisticated than even the most fervent of anti-Trump people were hoping.

For reasons known only to him, Robert Mueller is investigating the role that Donald Trump’s son-in-law played in a United Nations vote about Israel during the transition period, according to a new Wall Street Journal report (link). Good luck figuring out why, because there’s no context for this new revelation, and we’ve gotten nothing up to this point that would help us understand it. Simply put: Mueller knows things we don’t.

Whenever something has occasionally leaked from Mueller’s camp, it’s usually only because he strategically wants it to leak, and only after he already has a complete handle on the situation. In other words, he believes he already has Jared Kushner nailed on whatever supposed or alleged crime is involved with this United Nations vote – and now he wants Kushner to know that he knows. The end goal here is to force Kushner to cut a deal against Donald Trump, and we’re now seeing this strategy play out.

Moreover, if Robert Mueller is taking this kind of ultra-comphrehensive approach to investigating and pursuing an underling like Kushner, it means he’s taking every bit as detailed of an approach when it comes to pursuing Donald Trump. In other words, by the time we see a headline about Mueller pursuing Trump for money laundering or conspiracy against the United States, it’ll mean that Mueller believes he already has Trump nailed on those crimes. This probe runs far deeper than we ever imagined – and it’s progressed far ahead of where we thought.

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