Michael Flynn seems to think he’s not going to prison: has he flipped on Donald Trump after all?

Former Donald Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, who is on the hook for the felony crime of failing to register as a foreign agent, and who may have participated in a treasonous international conspiracy to rig the election in Trump’s favor, is now “moving on with his life.” He’s even opening a new consulting business. That’s fascinating, considering his ticket to prison was pre-punched a long time ago, and the Trump-Russia scandal is about to come to a head.

And yet, according to a new report from the Associated Press (link), Michael Flynn’s brother is making the curiously timed move of announcing that Flynn is moving forward in the private sector. There were times in the campaign in which Flynn seemed to be, shall we say, rather impressively removed from reality. But it’s difficult to imagine him being delusional enough to launch a new business just before he heads to prison. Further, it would be even more odd for his family to support him in his new business endeavor if they think he’s about to go to jail.

This all suggests that Michael Flynn and his family now know he’s not going to prison. Yet there are only two ways Flynn could avoid it. One is if Donald Trump has told him he’ll be pardoned. But considering Trump’s notorious lack of loyalty to those who have been loyal to him (see Jeff Sessions), and the disloyal manner in which Trump has treated Flynn for the past five months, there’s no way that Flynn could be banking on a Trump pardon. That leaves just one other way out.

Is Michael Flynn now sure he’s not going to prison because he’s already cut a deal with the Feds against Donald Trump? Has he now been given the immunity that his attorney long ago publicly asked for in exchange for Flynn’s testimony? Keep in mind that Flynn knows most or all of Trump’s campaign secrets. Keep a close eye on what Flynn does next.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report