The real reason Senator Mark Warner drew a red line today about Donald Trump and Robert Mueller

For the past two weeks the mainstream media has been feeding you a steady diet of “Donald Trump is about to fire Robert Mueller any second now” stories, and I’ve been explaining that this is little more than a ratings-friendly tactic to get you to keep tuning in. Today, Senate Intel Committee ranking member Mark Warner publicly drew a “red line” about Trump firing Mueller, prompting many of you to understandably ask me what’s really going on here.

In short, Warner is playing defense because the media has forced him to. Now that nearly every voice in the media has spent two weeks pushing the idea that Trump is going to try to fire Mueller, the Democrats can’t sit back and risk the possibility that it might become a self fulfilling prophecy. If Trump is hearing the media repeat this idea every few seconds, and he’s not hearing pushback from the other side, then he just might end up being goaded into doing it after all.

That’s why Mark Warner gave the speech he gave today. In this ongoing war between Trump and the Resistance, the media has left the Resistance with no choice but to play defense when it comes to protecting its most important hill (Mueller). In fact the Republicans in Congress have done quite a clever job these past two weeks of forcing the Resistance to play defense on this matter, so that the Resistance has been in less of a position to play defense on its second most important hill (the tax scam bill). The media’s willful complicity, for the sake of ratings, has left our side with little choice but to play it this way.

Again, I can’t guarantee you that Donald Trump won’t fire Robert Mueller. That rabid lunatic could wake up and decide to do anything at any time. He could chop off his own arm tomorrow just so he could blame Hillary for it, and no one would be all that shocked. But there is still no evidence that Trump is preparing to fire Mueller. The media has simply pushed the notion so hard that it’s causing everyone to talk about it, and now the media is using the fact that everyone is talking about it as supposed evidence that it’s really going to happen. These media feedback loops are dangerous. That’s why Mark Warner stepped up to play defense today.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report