Donald Trump’s last stand

Earlier this month Palmer Report warned you to be on the lookout for Donald Trump’s Battle of the Bulge, a reference to Adolf Hitler’s last stand. As Trump’s criminal scandals have continued to close in on him, he’s been gradually figuring out that he’s not going to survive this. We’ve expected Trump to throw everything he had left into one last desperate offensive, aimed at changing the game. We just didn’t realize Trump would choose something that echoed Hitler so closely.

Donald Trump has forcibly separated thousands of Hispanic immigrant kids from their parents and locked them inside cages in concentration camps. It’s not at all surprising that Trump would stoop this low. His campaign was based entirely on taking pages out of Hitler’s playbook, from convincing the lowest of people to support him by scapegoating minority groups, to aggressively shredding every norm of decency and civility that our system of democracy has ever had. Of course he has no problem putting kids from his favorite scapegoat group in cages. What stands out here is that Trump is already taking his last stand.

When you start putting kids in cages, there’s no coming back from that if it doesn’t work out for you. Either you get away with it and you build on your evil from there, or if you are forced to back down, it’ll leave you severely weakened and vulnerable. If we can defeat Trump on this and free the kids, it’ll become much easier to oust him from power entirely. After all, he’s the monster who locked kids in cages, and that makes it a lot easier to convince the normally-apathetic people in the political middle to help throw him overboard.

Donald Trump has decided to bet what’s left of his presidency on this issue. We have an absolute moral imperative to defeat him on this and liberate his child camps. That alone should be all the motivation we need. It doesn’t hurt that if we can defeat him on this one, we may be able to oust him entirely in the process. Contribute to Palmer Report

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