June 8th: Donald Trump’s Day From Hell, Jamey Comey Edition

Donald Trump hasn’t had a good day in at least a month, and in fact the vast majority of his days in office have been awful for him to date. He’s been saddled with imploding approval ratings and exploding scandals, no accomplishments, and and no real hope of turning things around. Then came today, June 8th, when James Comey stepped to the plate.

Talk about a true Day From Hell. James Comey took a scalpel to Donald Trump so efficiently that he had already carved him up with seven pages of advance testimony, and baited him into responding foolishly through his attorney, before he was even sworn in to testify. Once Comey grabbed the mic, it took him just minutes to outright accuse Trump of being a liar, in exact words. And that was just the beginning.

Comey documented several instances of Trump trying commit obstruction of justice, in such great detail that it added heft and legal weight. He also confirmed that he took memos on all of these incidents and gave them to colleagues at the time. Comey even taunted Trump by acknowledging that – as Palmer Report surmised at the time – he leaked word of his own memos to the media in order to help make sure a Special Counsel got appointed. Comey had been playing Trump for weeks, and now he was rubbing it in on live national television.

James Comey also managed to embarrass Trump by putting it out there that Trump had called him up to specifically deny the allegation that he had indulged in Russian prostitutes in Moscow. Trump’s oddly specific denial about that particular detail will cause many Americans to conclude it’s probably true. Up to now, cable news had largely avoided referring to that particular accusation in the Trump-Russia dossier about Trump. But on this day, we lost count of how many times Wolf Blitzer said “hookers” on CNN in reference to Trump, who surely spent the day hiding under his desk.

But the real dagger was that Comey managed to make an ironclad case that Trump is guilty of felony obstruction of justice, all while declining to use those words, so as not to interfere with the work of the Special Counsel. You know, the Special Counsel that Comey had just finished bragging about having put in place. And in the end, Trump was so taken aback that he’s said nothing at all in response. If you’re a regular reader, feel free to support Palmer Report. Follow Palmer Report on Facebook and Twitter.

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