Donald Trump has horrible response to Jim Jordan sexual abuse scandal

Four former members of the Ohio State University wrestling team have now come forward to assert they informed their coach Jim Jordan that the team doctor was sexually abusing them. Ohio State’s own lawyers say they emailed Jordan informing him of the abuse, and asking him to come in for an interview, which he ignored. The evidence is stacking up against Jordan, who is now a Republican Congressman and a close ally of Donald Trump.

Even as Jim Jordan’s sexual abuse scandal has gotten uglier over the past few days, Donald Trump still hasn’t tweeted anything about it. Instead he’s been acting out in increasingly bizarre fashion, staging one deranged Twitter meltdown after another on various topics, either out of frustration or in search of a distraction. Finally, when Trump came face to face with a group of reporters during his trip to Montana last night, he was asked about Jordan. His response couldn’t have been any worse.

Here’s what Trump told the pool of reporters: “I don’t believe them at all. I believe him.” To be clear, Trump is accusing four Ohio State wrestling team members of all falsely claiming that they warned Jim Jordan about what was going on. Trump is also accusing the Ohio State legal department of falsely claiming that it informed Jordan, even though there are email records involved that can prove what the real story was.


Of course a guy like Donald Trump doesn’t really care who’s telling the truth, or what the facts are. Jim Jordan has used his political position to try to sabotage the investigation into Trump’s Russia scandal, so of course Trump is going to side with him. Throw in the fact that twenty women have accused Trump of various forms of sexual abuse, from harassment to assault, and the whole thing becomes even more disturbing.

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