John Dean, who covered up Watergate, says Trump White House is guilty of Russia coverup

Former White House Counsel John Dean is best known as the guy who helped Richard Nixon orchestrate the Watergate scandal, then tried to help Nixon cover up the Watergate scandal, and then ultimately helped to take Nixon down over Watergate. Now that current White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus has been exposed for having tried to influence the FBI over its investigation into Donald Trump and Russia, it means John Dean has unique insight on what’s unfolding – and he’s calling it like he sees it.

Nixon was ultimately ousted from office not for his role in Watergate, but for his role in trying to subsequently cover it up. In fact the articles of impeachment that were being pursued against Nixon at the time of his resignation listed “obstruction of justice” as his most serious crime. Similarly, Donald Trump can likely be ousted if it’s merely proved that he broke laws while trying to cover up his Russia scandal, whether it can be proven that he conspired with Russia or not. If Priebus goes down for obstruction, he can take Trump down with him for it. And that’s where John Dean’s words come in today.

In reference to the news Priebus had leaned on the FBI over the Trump-Russia scandal, John Dean tweeted the following today: “I have expertise on this matter. Push back on an FBI investigation of the White House is better known as a COVER UP.” And after all, when it comes to the most infamous of presidential cover ups, John Dean was so deeply involved that he wrote the book on it.

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Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report