Jeff Sessions goes full White Supremacist as his feud with Donald Trump escalates

Attorney General Jeff Sessions, already one of the most openly and gleefully racist individuals in all of U.S. politics, is now upping his game. Maybe it’s a gambit to win the hearts and minds of Donald Trump’s base, in order to shore up his job security. Or maybe he’s just trying to hurry up and finish the job before he runs out of time. But whatever the reason, tonight marked the moment that Jeff Sessions decided to go full White Supremacist.

Sessions and his Department of Justice have announced that they’re now going to investigate potentially racist admissions policies of colleges and universities. But instead of looking into the still-rampant racial discrimination against minorities, Sessions will investigate college admissions discrimination against white people. No, really. It’s right there in the New York Times tonight (link). So why is Jeff Sessions doing this, and more importantly, why now?

It’s not as if Sessions, whose entire political career has been based around trying to legalize institutional racism, needs an excuse to push a new racist policy. But this is so blatant, so absurd, such a desperate attempt at pandering to racist white people, it suggests that Sessions is making this move right now for a specific reason. And of course this comes at a time when Donald Trump is desperately trying to force Sessions to resign for reasons relating to the Trump-Russia scandal.

It’s widely believed that the only reason Trump hasn’t yet fired Sessions is his popularity among racists in the South, who happen to make up a good chunk of Trump’s base. So is Sessions making this move to pander to racists, in the hope that he’ll make himself even more popular with Trump’s base and therefore un-firable? Or has Sessions concluded that he’ll be fired before long, so he’d better go for his big finale while he still can? Stay tuned. If you find Palmer Report valuable, make a donation.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report