Donald Trump, how dare you?

Like a child, hands covered in paint, staring at the handprint on the wall, you had the nerve, Mr. President, to blame the press for the current political and social environment. The pipe bombs delivered to the most prominent Democratic leaders, past and present, could not be any more your fault if you were the one who wrapped the electrical tape around the PVC pipes.

There has always been little doubt, Donald Trump, that your rally cries of Lock Her Up, and your calls to violence, would eventually come to pass and lead to something like this. As if by direct order, someone or some group took it upon themselves to take care of the “bad guys.” It would be extremely unlikely that this specific group of people and CNN would be the targets of the mail bombs, absent clear direction from you that these people are “evil” and bad for our society.

Mr. Trump, you could have had blood on your hands (or even more blood, if you want to think about the unnecessary deaths in Puerto Rico) if any of those bombs had found their targets and done what bombs are expected to do – kill or seriously injure their targets. In your damaged mind, Donald, you know that the terrorist is likely a white male, or a group of white men, but you will not label this an act of terrorism.

For all those in government who hold up this illegally installed President, it is time to stop supporting him. For every irresponsible rally cry, or tweet that is a veiled call to violence, there is a violent group planning to act on it. Failing to call Donald Trump on his dangerous words makes each and every silent Republican in Congress complicit. Trump is a dangerous, inept and illegitimate leader who will cause more blood to be shed. Election day is November 6th.