Holy crap is Donald Trump screwed

It turns out Donald Trump is even more screwed than we thought. In reality, he was screwed the minute Special Counsel Robert Mueller successfully reached the arrest stage last Monday. It gave a new level of credibility to the Trump-Russia scandal in the minds of average Americans who hadn’t been sure what to think of all the noise up to this point. But now we may be looking at something different altogether. Trump is not just going to get ousted from office. His entire life is about to get carved up while he’s forced to watch.

Four crucial storylines emerged yesterday, in a sign of just how quickly things are now snowballing. Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner has years of massive and secret investments from Russia that could only have been signed off on by Vladimir Putin himself, according to the New York Times and the Paradise Papers. This means that Mueller is now in a position to bust Kushner like a piñata, leaving Kushner little choice but to cut a deal against Trump if he wants to avoid prison. Not only will this destroy Trump’s presidency, it’ll destroy his family. And it’s just the start of the fireworks.

Trump’s Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross was busted yesterday for his own massive secret financial connections to Putin. He’ll likely have to cut a deal himself – and he may be in a unique position to expose Trump’s own suspected financial ties to Putin. There was also the revelation that Michael Flynn is about to be arrested – and he may cut a deal against Trump in order to keep his own son out of prison.

Then there’s the bizarre storyline about Donald Trump’s campaign chairman Paul Manafort facing possible murder charges in Ukraine. This fouls up any attempt by Trump at pardoning Manafort to try to keep him quiet. It also makes the Trump-Russia scandal look incredibly real in the minds of the public, now that murders are involved. Holy crap is Trump screwed.

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