Here we go again

Here we go again. The Republican Party, the party of the “Right to Lifers” and the Moral Majority, is again gathering behind a white guy who has acted far less than representative of the family values it professes to serve. Apparently, stacking The Supreme Court and filling the Federal Benches with more like-minded white men is worth standing behind a man accused of an attempted rape.

The facts don’t matter. The rights of a victim don’t matter. The “President,” himself an accused serial sexual offender, has refused to call for an investigation into whether or not a violent act took place. Whether it be Roy Moore or Brent Kavanaugh, Trump is ready to stand up and defend the rights of men accused of heinous acts, without a full examination of the facts. Trump stated that Kavanaugh isn’t a man who deserves this. It is likely that Trump is projecting.

It is also likely that Trump views the nomination of Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court as his ace in the hole, should his own legal issues end up in front of the high court. Trump’s primary focus is, as always on protecting Trump. Other Republicans have also stepped forward to defend Kavanaugh, and Orrin Hatch has even gone so far as to say that even if there was an attempted sexual attack, it does not define who Kavanaugh is today.

Republicans are already struggling with women voters. Chalking up such behavior to boyish childhood antics, in the hopes of preserving this nomination, is not likely to help in November. Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, the accuser, now wants an FBI investigation before agreeing to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee. This same Republican-controlled committee attempted to hold back countless documents about Kavanaugh in the first round of questioning, attempting to prevent a full exploration of the facts. We will all see what happens as Dr. Ford attempts to hold her own ground, to protect her rights as a victim.