Hillary Clinton is launching a new political group and she’s not taking any of Donald Trump’s crap

During the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton was asked whether she would leave the country if Donald Trump became president. Her answer was that she would opt to stay and fight against his abhorrent agenda. It turns out she meant it. Hillary is now putting the finishing touches on a political group whose explicit purpose is to fight back against Trump and his agenda.

Hillary Clinton’s political group is set to launch as soon as potentially next week, as she’s putting the finishing touches on it, according to a Politico report (link). What stands out to me is that, as she’s now free from the kinds of constraints that are typically placed on politicians whose ambitions include holding future political office, Hillary can now say and do pretty much whatever she wants in this fight.

First, let’s get this out of the way: Hillary Clinton is probably not running for president again in 2020. That’ll be a disappointment to those who believe (as I do) she was the legitimately elected president this time around, and that Russia and the FBI stole it from her. But her lack of a future in politics may work heavily in her favor. Any Democrats who want to run for President in 2020 have to frame their current fight against Donald Trump in the kind of manner which allows them to “look presidential” to the average voter, which isn’t easy.

For that matter, Democrats in Congress have to operate within the kinds of constraints that will allow them to get reelected in their own states or districts. In fact they have a responsibility to make sure they can get reelected, because if they lose their seat to a Republican in the midterms, it’ll just empower Trump even more. But in contrast, Hillary Clinton has nothing to lose because she doesn’t have to run for anything. And so she’s playing with house money when it comes to her new group Onward Together. She’ll be free to fight back against Trump in the kinds of ways that those still running for office only wish they could. This is about to get fascinating. Help fund Palmer Report

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