How dare the GOP ignore Donald Trump’s treason?

It was 1956 when my father asked his parents to sign a waiver allowing him to join the Navy a year before he turned 18. His parents signed the waiver and off he went. Unlike the Commander in Chief, when you join the military, you have to take and pass a series of tests to see how your skills and aptitude can be used best to protect and serve the United States. Most men are expected to possibly engage in a battle of kill or be killed. That’s part of the job and what most enlistees ultimately agreed to when they sign the dotted line.

My father was no different and neither were the men he was assigned to work with and ultimately kill should the need ever arise. He was assigned to a remote island in an effort to help guard our nations secrets coming in through a special tower. It was the 50’s and we didn’t have digital firewalls to protect our communications. We had human firewalls assigned to protect and “delete” our nations secrets so they would never be “taken” and fall into enemy hands.

His fellow servicemen knew my father was just one of many charged with the same task. But, that was the job everyone agreed to and signed up for: to kill or be killed in order to protect and serve the United States and our secrets.


Fast forward 60 years later as I take my father to the VA where Donald J. Trump’s image is displayed and insults all who are forced to gaze upon it. It’s bad enough Trump is who he is, but, knowing that Republicans in Congress have ignored his not only impeachable, but treasonous offenses as Commander in Chief is a special kind of insult to those willing to kill or be killed in an effort to protect and defend the United States and our secrets.

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