GOP once again tries to blame Hillary Clinton as Donald Trump circles the drain

As usual, the latest Republican talking points lead back to Hillary Clinton. This time, they imagine a situation where Hillary’s lawyers’ offices are raided and communications are seized and the ACLU comes down like a hammer against such unimaginable actions. It’s a laughable assertion as Hillary’s communications have been seized and leaked for all to read, and many Republicans helped share the stolen information on social media, even as Donald Trump publicly asked Russia to continue hacking Hillary.

Neither Republicans, their nominee Donald J. Trump, nor their Russian propaganda machine at Fox News ever said such an attack against the State Department of the United States was “an attack against everything we hold near and dear as a country” when Hillary’s private government e-mails were hacked, illegally seized and read by all. She didn’t even have the luxury of privacy that the FBI is affording Cohen and Trump as they sift between their legal and illegal communications and documents.

Based on the 30 year “WITCH HUNT” Republicans have conducted against Hillary Clinton, it’s safe to say that it wouldn’t have ended if Hillary won the Presidency. Instead of an unprecedented number of Republicans jumping ship, they would all be jumping at the chance to sign up for an impeachment committee against Hillary Clinton and her role in the 2016 election.

Charges would be levied against the DNC’s leadership, and Republicans would be running around with their hair on fire. Regardless of who won, Hillary or Donald, we were going to be treated to a three ring circus, it just wouldn’t have been as horrifying as the one we’re currently witnessing. In the meantime, to say the whole world would be upset if Hillary’s private communications were seized, is truly laughable.

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