The surest sign yet that Donald Trump is a goner

There are now a number of reasons to believe that Donald Trump is a goner. His approval rating is the lowest of any first-year U.S. President in the history of polling. His Russia scandal moves closer to taking down his presidency and his entire family by the day. His sexual assault scandal is coming back into focus at just the wrong time for him. He’s so unpopular, he’s now costing his own party congressional seats by endorsing its candidates. But the surest sign yet that Trump is a goner is coming from within his own innermost circle.

Donald Trump and Roger Stone have been close personal friends for forty years. Stone was so deeply involved in Trump’s campaign, he helped facilitate the conspiracy between the campaign and Russian-controlled WikiLeaks. By all accounts, Trump and Stone have spoken on the phone regularly since Trump took office. Trump trusts Stone enough to tell him how things are really going behind the scenes, and even if Trump is too delusional to connect the dots, Stone can surely get a read on what Trump is telling him. So what is Stone doing with that information?

According to Roger Stone, he’s working on a new book about the demise of Donald Trump’s presidency (link). Stone is so sure that Trump is a goner, and that there is nothing he can do to save his friend from being ousted from office, he’s already begun writing a past-tense book on that ouster. Stone isn’t placing this bet for no reason.

Keep in mind that Trump supporters and the lunatic far right are the primary audience for Roger Stone’s books. He’s not writing this book because he thinks they want to hear about Trump’s demise. He’s simply certain that his friend Trump is going down, and that it’ll happen soon enough to punish a book he’s already assembling. Stone is surely basing this on what he’s heard from Trump himself. It’s the surest sign yet that Trump is a goner.

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