The U.S. has begun war in Syria tonight, and Donald Trump is screwing around at a golf resort

There’s a reason the President of the United States lives in the White House, even though everyone else who works there goes home at night. Even when the President steps away from Washington D.C., it’s generally to specific vacation entities that have already long been equipped to function as surrogate White Houses. Because you just never know when history’s biggest moments are going to suddenly need the President to be in a room with his most important military advisers.

Except in this instance, Donald Trump knew precisely when that moment was going to come, because he’s the one who’s been lining up U.S. military in Syria. He’s the one who’s been stacking a secret number of ground troops over there. And he’s the one who wanted the military action that’s now underway tonight. So where is Trump right now? A thousand miles away at his own private golf resort.

Impeach Trump Now

Yes, he has a built-in excuse lined up. He had already scheduled a visit with Chinese President Xi Jinping for today at Mar-a-Lago. State visits can’t necessarily be moved easily at the last minute, even when something like the Syria chemical attack suddenly changes things. But this is why the President lives at the White House and conducts state business there. Dragging the President of China to his own private golf course in Florida isn’t just an egomaniacal way of showing off. It’s also a way to get caught with his pants down, and get Americans killed.

NBC News is reporting on-air right now that the U.S. military has fired fifty Tomahawk missiles in Syria tonight, an act of war by practical definition. So Donald Trump is preemptively engaging in war against a foreign nation while he’s screwing around at a golf resort. This is a dangerous insult to everyone who wears the U.S. military uniform. And it’s further proof that Donald Trump is not the President of the United States; we don’t currently have one. Contribute to Palmer Report


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