How we know Donald Trump is going down

If you listen to nearly anyone in the media this week, on the left or right, you’ll get the impression that Donald Trump is about to magically fire Robert Mueller (even though he can’t do that), and as a result Trump will magically be off the hook for his criminal antics (even though it doesn’t work that way). But here in the real world, it’s never been more clear that Trump is going down. In fact it’s Trump himself who’s showing us why he’ll go down.

Just today, Trump tepidly floated the idea that maybe he’ll consider pardoning Michael Flynn at some point. This might have been a smart move on his part, six months ago. By now Flynn has already legally committed himself to a plea deal, and he’s turned over incriminating evidence against Trump and other big fish. Because Trump is hesitant and indecisive by nature, he blew the opportunity to save himself with a Flynn pardon a long time ago. This is part of a larger pattern.

This fall, Trump had the opportunity to try to get Robert Mueller fired back before any arrests got underway. It would have been a convoluted process, and there’s a strong chance it would have backfired on him, but he did have a window of opportunity. However now that four of his own people have been arrested and two of them have cut a deal, he doesn’t have a fraction of the political muscle required to get away with it. As we’ve previously explained, the Republican Party is only making noise about Mueller so it can make the case to Trump’s base that it tried to stop Mueller.

Once the public figures out that Donald Trump isn’t about to fire Robert Mueller, the media will move on to claiming that Trump is about to start a war as a distraction from his scandal. But again, it’s far too late for Trump to get away with starting a needless war; that window closed months ago. Trump is hesitant and tepid by nature, and he’s not a man of action until it’s far too late to matter. It’s how we know he’s going down.