Donald Trump’s Day From Hell

Donald Trump seemed to know that this wasn’t going to be a particularly good day for him when he started off his morning by falling back on his favorite false claim – that former FBI Director James Comey somehow conspired to help Hillary Clinton. Those tweets set the tone for a day which turned out to be uglier for Trump than even he likely foresaw. Here’s a look at Donald Trump’s day from Hell.

Things got off to an ugly start when Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee and the cameras. Sessions quickly became flustered when he was asked about his role in the Trump-Russia scandal. He ended up perjuring himself yet again when he changed his story about why he kept meeting with the Russians during the campaign. Even though the Republican-led Senate won’t punish Sessions for his serial perjury, this incident will only serve to make it that much easier for Special Counsel Robert Mueller to carve Sessions up when the time comes. But this was just the beginning of the bad news for Trump.

Trump’s former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski testified before Congress today about his role in the Russia scandal, another sign that things are closing in on Trump. Word surfaced that Michael Flynn’s son is about to be subpoenaed, which increases the odds that Flynn will end up flipping on Trump in order to protect his son. The group of lawyers suing Trump over his violations of the Emoluments Clause got their say in front of a judge today, and while Trump was hoping for a dismissal, the judge instead agreed that Trump does indeed appear to be in violation – thus the lawsuit will advance.

Then there were the ancillary things that went wrong for Donald Trump today. The NFL officially announced that it will not bend to his demands when it comes to football players taking a knee. His wife Melania’s physical appearance was so inexplicably different during her latest appearance that the internet is now asking, only half jokingly, if he’s using a stand-in. Everything has gone wrong for Trump today that could have gone wrong – and the sun still hasn’t yet set on this day. Contribute to Palmer Report

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