Former U.S. Presidents may be laying the groundwork to jointly come out against Donald Trump

All five living former United States Presidents have come together this evening to roll out a joint charitable initiative for hurricane victims. It’s a noble and historic collective effort on their part. The venture will raise money and help victims piece their lives back together. But I suspect it may be the groundwork for something more. Much more.

For some time, mainstream Americans belonging to both political parties have called on the five former Presidents to come together and “do something” about Donald Trump’s illegitimate, criminal, and dangerous tenure. Of course former Presidents have no Constitutional power of any kind. But collectively, their voices carry great weight with the American people. That’s been evidenced by the overwhelming public response that they’re receiving across social media in the hours since they’ve launched their charitable initiative. That’s what makes me wonder if this, in addition to being a worthy charitable cause, is also a first attempt at getting the public accustomed to hearing from the five of them jointly on American matters.

It’s already been well documented that none of the five former Presidents voted for Donald Trump, despite two of them being lifelong Republicans. George H.W. Bush voted for Hillary Clinton, while George W. Bush reportedly left his vote for president blank. This demonstrated from the start that none of the five people who had occupied the Oval Office believed that Trump was deserving or capable of the job. Since taking office, Trump has proven them correct.

If the five former Presidents are going to speak out against Donald Trump, either by outright calling for his ouster, or by merely calling him out on individual issues, their first step would be to establish their collective voice. There would be no better way to do this than to start by jointly rolling out a charitable initiative. We’ll see where this new “Gang of Five” goes – but keep a close eye on what they do with their newfound partnership next.

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