Fighting fire with fire

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At a party in college a gun was pulled on me very unexpectedly, no one involved was physically hurt but the same could not be said for the emotional trauma. That was the moment that I adopted my stance on guns. I knew that I would never own a gun, never have a concealed carry permit, or choose a career where either was necessary. Coincidentally years later my now husband attempted to surprise me on our first date by taking me to a shooting range.

When we arrived and he explained what we would be doing, all I could think about was that night. Up until then I had kept that night secret, I had never spoken about the fear, the adrenaline, or how all I could think about were my parents during the incident. It changed me in ways I still don’t understand and I know that I am not alone.

Fast forward ten years, yesterday Donald Trump suggested arming teachers to combat the crisis in our schools. We ask these teachers to be available 24 hours a day to answer texts/phone calls, spend their own money on room supplies, dedicate countless hours to other activities in the school, and now we are asking them to carry a weapon to potentially end a life if necessary. The ramifications of this policy will start a chain of events that will shape the educators of the future. There are individuals that went through what I did that will be dissuaded in pursuing their dreams of teaching children.

So many of you are thinking the NRA is a force to be reckoned with, so what can be done? The answer is so simple, VOTE! Do not reserve voting for presidential elections solely, get out and vote every time the opportunity arises. Vote for leaders that can identify a solution to this crisis that does not include voluntarily bringing guns into these schools. Vote out these lawmakers that are funded by the NRA and help shape the future of this country.

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