Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch started a “Fascism Forever” club in his youth

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One day after Donald Trump announced that his Supreme Court nominee would be well-spoken conservative extremist Neil Gorsuch, it turns out his old secrets are already coming home to roost. Among them is a revelation so shocking that it’s more difficult whether it would be more disturbing to learn that Trump didn’t bother to vet the guy, or knew about it and picked him anyway, Gorsuch once founded a club whose name was “Fascism Forever.”

Impeach Trump Now

This stunning bit of history was dug up by British newspaper The Daily Mail, who found it in Neil Gorsuch’s old high school yearbook. Gorsuch created a student activity club and called it “Fascism Forever” as a way of rebelling against a teacher whom he believed was too liberal. These are the kinds of details that any competent White House would dig up during a thorough vetting process of every minute of a Supreme Court nominee’s life, because these kinds of secrets tend to get dug up by either the media or the opposition party once the pick is announced.

Trump’s a Fascist

This means that when the Senate Democrats (along with any Senate Republicans who may end up opposing him) get to question Neil Gorsush during confirmation hearings, they’ll get to ask him on live national television if he still considers himself to be a “fascist.” He’ll then be forced to admit under oath that he had some kind of fascist tendencies during his teenage years, while trying to make the case that he isn’t still one.

And it hands the Resistance to Trump an easy way of labeling him a “fascist” because, after all, he literally just picked a self admitted fascist for the Supreme Court. This will help lend popular support to the filibuster which the Senate Democrats will inevitably launch at the end of Neil Gorsuch’s hearings in order to prevent him from being confirmed.

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