Now we know what the KT McFarland Trump-Russia email leak was about

Two weeks ago, a surreal leak to the media revealed that Donald Trump’s former Deputy National Security Adviser KT McFarland admitted in an email during the transition period that she knew Russia had rigged the election in Trump’s favor. The leak lacked context, as McFarland had not played any known role in the Trump-Russia scandal, beyond briefly serving as Michael Flynn’s deputy. Today, however, we’re finally getting that context.

It turns out Special Counsel Robert Mueller has had every single email from the Trump transition team all along. He carefully kept this information from the Trump team, and in fact tricked them into a false sense of security by asking them for copies (link). They thought they were protecting themselves by refusing to turn over the incriminating ones. In reality, not only did Mueller already have those incriminating emails, he surely went on to catch some of the transition team lying to him, which means he can charge them for even more crimes.

It seems a given at this point that Mueller himself leaked the KT McFarland email, immediately after Michael Flynn cut a plea deal. Mueller was clearly signaling to everyone involved with that email that they needed to come in and cut a plea deal before they were arrested. Why did he choose McFarland in particular? Perhaps he felt she would be likely to cut a deal. Perhaps he already had a deal with her, and he was using her to get to the others. We don’t know that part yet. But we do know that this is just the beginning.

Thus far we’ve seen a grand total of one email from Donald Trump’s transition team, and it’s already proven that Trump’s own people knew Russia rigged the election. That’s just one email out of the fifty thousand transition emails that Robert Mueller has in his possessions. And if he’s been secretly sitting on this, he’s been secretly sitting on incriminating evidence about every one of Trump’s people. He’ll arrest them all if Trump tries to fire him.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report