Amid the dumbest vacation of all time, Donald Trump’s approval rating just fell to another all new all time low

When the going gets tough, Donald Trump goes and hides in New Jersey and makes everything even worse for himself. Okay, so maybe that’s not quite how the classic phrase goes, but at this point society is just winging it anyway. And now that Trump is taking out his frustrations on poorly aimed golf balls instead of fighting for what little remains of his political life, a new major poll says that his approval rating just hit another all time low.

Forget about the other day when Quinnipiac pegged Donald Trump’s approval rating at an all time low of 33% (link), because that’s already old news. Today the IBD/TIPP poll from Investors Business Daily has Trump pegged even lower at 32% (link). As long as polling has existed, this kind of thing has never happened to a new president this early on. We’re in uncharted territory. And there’s every reason to believe it’ll continue to get worse imminently.

Poll numbers are released on a bit of a delay, due to the necessary tabulations and calculations involved. For instance the Quinnipiac poll was July 27th to August 1st, while the IBD poll was conducted from July 28th to August 5th. This was all done before Donald Trump headed out on his seventeen day golf vacation. So if the public ends up having a negative view of his do-nothing vacation, his next round of numbers next week should be even lower.


To be clear, these numbers – 33% and 32% – are the low end of Trump’s approval rating. The most legitimate way to calculate it is to take the average of all current polls, and there are other polls, such as Reuters which still has him at a much higher 38%. So the average here is what matters. Palmer Report has predicted all along that if and when Donald Trump’s average approval rating drops into the twenties, the Republican Congress will think seriously about impeachment, for fear that failure to act could get them wiped out in the midterm elections. And now we’re coming close to that mark.

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