Donald Trump is under the delusion that he’s not under investigation. This will be his downfall.

Donald Trump’s campaign chairman is now under house arrest. Another campaign adviser has confessed to conspiring with the Russian government to try to alter the outcome of the election, and he’s accusing at least four campaign officials of having signed off on it. Several more Trump advisers and associates are about to be arrested. They’re all going to be pressured to flip on someone higher up the chain. Yet today Donald Trump announced his apparently honest belief that he’s not personally under investigation.

Trump is clearly delusional, oblivious, senile, divorced from reality, whatever you want to call it. As his world now crashes down around him by the day, he’s somehow come to the conclusion that none of this is about him. Sure, he’s angry that all his criminal pals are being busted for their crimes. But he called up the New York Times on Wednesday just to insist that he’s not all that hot and bothered, because he knows he’s not a target. Of course he’s a target. He’s the target. But the longer he tells himself that he isn’t, the better it’ll be for us.

At this point Trump seems to be bargaining with himself. He’s told himself that he’s willing to sacrifice the likes of Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn, and even his son-in-law Jared Kushner when the time comes, because hey, maybe it’ll all somehow stop there. Maybe after everyone under him is made to pay the price, Robert Mueller and the American public will decide they’ve had enough and call it a day.

This is, of course, mentally incompetent thinking. But it appears to be what Donald Trump’s broken mind has come up with. The longer he convinces himself that he isn’t the real target, the longer he’ll sit back and let Robert Mueller move in on him. By the time he figures out that all of this has been to get his underlings to flip on him, it’ll be too late for him to stop the process. This will be his downfall.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report