Donald Trump’s narcissistic misreading of FBI Director James Comey has cost him dearly

Too late now. There was a brief window, when Donald Trump first came into office, where he could have gotten away with firing James Comey. It would have been controversial, because you’re not supposed to fire the Director of the FBI without cause, but Comey was so widely hated by Democrats that Trump could have gotten away with it. But because Trump completely misread Comey, he’s now stuck with an FBI Director who’s tearing him limb from limb.

Who knows why the enigmatic James Comey does anything he does. His decision to publicly make a big deal out of the relatively unimportant FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s harmless emails, while keeping quiet about the stunning FBI investigation into Donald Trump’s treasonous collusion with Russia, was literally a crime. He actively misled American voters into believing that the wrong candidate was the criminal. Comey belongs in prison. But being a soulless egomaniac, he did what he did simply because he felt it was best for himself.

Donald Trump, being the narcissist that he is, failed to understand that. When he saw that James Comey had rigged the election in his favor, he must have assumed that it was because Comey thought he would make a really great president. Trump mistook Comey’s deranged actions during the election as a sign that Comey was personally loyal to him, and couldn’t understand that it was about something else. And so when Trump took office, he kept Comey around, under the mistaken assumption that Comey would protect him. Wrong.

Now we learn that the FBI’s investigation into the Donald Trump campaign and Russia is ongoing and massive, and that James Comey is going after everyone involved. For all we know, the egomaniacal Comey may have rigged the election in Trump’s favor just so he could go down in history as the guy who took down a traitorous president. It seems inevitable that this investigation will eventually take down Trump and several of his allies. And at this point Trump can’t fire Comey, because everyone would know why he’s firing him. Trump is stuck with an FBI Director who’s going to destroy him, and only because Trump’s narcissism has betrayed him yet again. Contribute to Palmer Report

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