Donald Trump is already melting down over today’s Sally Yates testimony

Former acting Attorney General Sally Yates has something to say today about Donald Trump’s Russia scandal, and it’s not likely to be pretty. She knows that Trump was aware Michael Flynn was dirty and did nothing about it. She knows why Trump fired her. And she’s been waiting months to finally get her chance to testify about it. Naturally, Trump is already having a meltdown that’s over the top even by his standards.

Yesterday, Donald Trump was asserting that it was somehow the Democrats who were conspiring with Russia, instead of himself and his administration. But early this morning he began aiming his sights squarely on Yates herself, tweeting “Ask Sally Yates, under oath, if she knows how classified information got into the newspapers soon after she explained it to W.H. Counsel.”

And then, as if to emphasize how desperate he is for everyone to hear him falsely accusing Sally Yates of having leaked classified information to the media, two hours later he deleted his tweet and then tweeted the exact same thing (link). Trump’s sudden accusation about Yates is equal parts coming out of nowhere and completely unfounded, and yet this appears to be the best card he has left up his sleeve. It won’t work.

Yates had been at the Department of Justice for nearly two decades, since long before President Obama came along, and she never had a public political profile of any kind. The assertion that she would act in an overtly partisan manner, let alone an illegal one, will fall on deaf ears. But when Yates steps up to testify this afternoon, Trump’s Twitter meltdown just ensured that a whole lot more people will be tuning in to hear what she has to say. Help fund Palmer Report