Donald Trump goes berserk again, begins attacking Golf Magazine

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So much for the notion that General John Kelly could come in as White House Chief of Staff and somehow get Donald Trump to act like a rational or coherent person. Just two days after Kelly took the job under the premise of running a tight ship and keeping Trump on track, it’s become clear that Trump has every intention of rebelling against his own choice to hire Kelly. In fact Trump has already gone berserk and picked a very public fight with a golf publication.

The trouble began when Golf Magazine nonchalantly mentioned midway through a lengthy profile piece that Donald Trump had told members of one of his golf clubs that the “White House is a real dump.” (link). It didn’t take long for the quote to briefly become a major controversy, as Americans of all stripes asked how Trump could possibly be attacking the White House. That prompted Trump to belatedly attack Golf Magazine.

On Monday evening, Donald Trump tweeted “I love the White House, one of the most beautiful buildings (homes) I have ever seen. But Fake News said I called it a dump – TOTALLY UNTRUE” (link). So now Trump has decided that in addition to every political news outlet being “fake news” for daring to accurately report negative things about him, a major golf publication is now also “fake news” for relaying an ignorant remark that he made while he was trying to look cool.

None of these antics will make Donald Trump any less crushingly unpopular, or make his Russia scandal go away, or make his mounting political troubles become any easier to navigate. By the time Trump tweeted about the matter, he’d already subsequently said and done so many other stupid things that the “dump” remark was on its way to being overlooked. Trump has become so harried, he no longer even seems to know when or how to spin his own controversies.

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